Sexual Enhancement & Male Enhancement Pills

Some of the male enhancement techniques you can take are:

Eat a low-fat, well-balanced diet.
Keep your weight down.
Engage in regular aerobic exercise.
Avoid smoking.
Avoid excessive drinking.
Stay away from dangerous street drugs.
Manage your stress.
Enjoy an active sex life, if possible.

By following this type of male enhancement program, your chances of retaining good sexual function throughout your lifetime are excellent.

There is a difference between a man who has an occasional problem with his erections and a man with erectile dysfunction It is important for you to understand this distinction. If you are usually able to get an erection that is hard enough and lasts long enough for you to complete sexual intercourse with your partner, and both of you are satisfied, you probably do not have Erectile Dysfunction.

You may occasionally drink too much, attempt to make love when you are too tired, or simply lose interest because you are distracted or worried. If this happens a few times, but your sexual function is otherwise normal, it is usually nothing to worry about. But if you fail to get a satisfactory erection on several occasions, despite the fact that all other conditions are normal and you want to have sex with your partner, you are probably suffering from some degree of ED.

The following self administered quiz will help you discover whether you have erectile dysfunction and need sexual enhancement.

Are you dissatisfied with the erections you have been getting, in terms of enjoying intercourse with your partner?

Do your erection problems occur approximately three out of four times that you attempt intercourse?

Has it been more than a month since you began to have problems with your erections?

Does it take you longer to achieve an erection than it did in the past?

Is your erection not as hard as it used to be?

Does your erection go away before you can complete satisfactory intercourse?

Do you have fewer or no morning erections when you wake up?

Do you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or hardening of the arteries?

Do you have diabetes or any glandular disorder?

Are you using any prescription drugs for hypertension or depression?

Do you use over-the-counter drugs, including antihistamines and gastrointestinal drugs?

Are you a smoker and if so, have you smoked for a long time?

Are you a heavy drinker?

Do you use any street drugs?

Are you sedentary, avoiding exercise? Are you significantly overweight?

Are you worried about your erections?

Are you preoccupied with your erections while you are making love?

Can you associate your erection problems with the onset of any unusual stress?

Do you have problems getting an erection when you masturbate?

Do you have problems getting an erection with oral sex?

Have you had any injuries directly to your penis or testicles, or in that general area?

Have you had major surgery, including prostate, pelvic, rectal, cardiovascular, genital, or head surgery? Do you suffer from depression?

Do you experience cramps in your legs, feet, or toes while walking, running, sleeping, or having sex?

Are you having problems in your primary relationship (wife or sexual partner)?

Are you and your partner sexually attracted to each other?

If you are experiencing problems with your erections and you also answer yes to many of these questions, there is a high likelihood that you have ED and should seek sexual enhancement help. Or if you are not already suffering from erectile dysfunction and answer yes to many of these questions, you are certainly at risk for developing ED.

A definite diagnosis of erectile dysfunction can be made only by a trained physician, preferably a urologist, who will give you the required diagnostic tests and know how to interpret the results. If you think you might have ED or if you or your partner are unsure, the best option is a checkup. And in this Age of Viagra, it is no longer so difficult to convince a man to go for help.

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